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NEW JOURNAL. [04:16 PM Sat, 09/02, 2006]

So it's been decided. I want to leave this one only so I don't have to be reminded of all the stupid things I've done out of confusion and such. Life has been better for me the past six months and I think it calls for a new journal. I am not deleted this one simply cause I think it's important to see how much you've changed, besides, who has time to live with regrets!
万歳! 3//キッス

F.O. [10:16 AM Wed, 09/01, 2004]
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Friends Only

update 8/28/06:
I have come back to livejournal for I miss my expression and my reaching out to my LJ friends. Most of my friends on here are here cause I trust this, especially with my past, that really doesn't matter to me anymore.
I have had this journal since i was fourteen and basically up until Feb. 2006 my life was dramatic piece of teenage angst with confusion with sex, alcohol, and thoughts of suicide.
I finally backed off from all that and now I am 100% okay.. and I am back.
I have a myspace but I plan to lack bullshit with it.

[05:18 AM Tue, 07/06, 2004]
I am so proud of myself. things have been gonig okay

Beatrix Kiddo/Black Mamba/The Bride is love

David Gilmour is love

love really is the only word to describe John Lennon.
There wasn't a John Lennon color bar, so I had to make this:

John Lennon is love

Mischa Barton is love

made byt0ffee

Mischa Barton is love

Pearl Jam is Love

I'm getting better at making colorbars <3
Also this one was requested!

I Made These!

Eddie Vedder is Love

Joanna and Slizzo is love

The original Guns N' Roses is love

Rejected Cartoons is rejected love

万歳! 27//キッス

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